UX Design is a today’s future. UX Designer should be a mandatory role, which should appear in every possible company. Because UX design is not only beautiful applications and graphically “polished” websites. The work of a User Experience Designer (UX Designer) in digital is a whole range of possibilities and competences. UX design is everything that affects a user’s interaction with a given digital product, from problem recognition to the implementation of new solutions. It is a field that touches upon aspects of psychology, sociology, aesthetics, computer science, knowledge of new technologies and prototyping tools.

Everyone who would like to work in experience building will find a suitable place for themselves. UX is also a philosophy, an approach to life, making life easier for users. If you have passion, understand people, are interested in giving value and looking for answers to their needs, not only the obvious ones, you will find yourself in this role perfectly. You create a product which will be used by satisfied users. A very cool job in the field of innovation and new technologies.

Below you will find a breakdown of the different areas, with an explanation of the role and aptitudes. See which one is closest to you.

Most essential competencies in the UX Design


You can do research on respondents, their problems in a given area, study reasons for their dissatisfaction or satisfaction. A researcher looks at how people behave, analyzes the ecosystem. Such a person observes and draws conclusions, has analytical thinking skills, is patient, enjoys learning information and shows great empathy.


Here the person combines UX with business, is closest to business of all areas. Creates the strategy for projects, it is good if he/she can present the concept. A person who is resistant to stress and can coordinate many things at once will do well here.


People who work in the field of design are characterised by accuracy and precision. Designers have a wealth of experience which they can translate into pictorial value, which is a direct message to the recipient. Aesthetic values, understanding of proportions, composition, colour and shape should be understandable for him and he should identify with them. An excellent observer.


Here you will find people who like repetition, are accurate, like numbers and charts. They have an analytical mind and feel good when they know what to do. They like to implement ready-made solutions. They are often introverts and don’t like to operate in chaos.

If you see yourself in this structure and would like to work on implementing new products, or improving existing ones, go a head. This is a profession that is increasingly becoming an essential support to a strong organisation.

Designing solutions that impact the user (UX) is not just about digital design. You may also come across this acronym when designing solutions in the physical area as well. The competences are similar.